Welcome to Beverly Hills.  Let’s take a stroll down Rodeo Drive.  It’s one of the most expensive streets in the world with Cartier on the left and Rolex on the right and Barney’s front and center on Wilshire.  But sitting in a dirty old wheelchair outside the Cartier building with his little tin cup in hand is an older black homeless gentleman.  He’s waiting for a hand out as if it were still The Great Depression.  He’s only one of many desperate and destitute who come to this overpriced outdoor shopping mall called “Beverly Hills.”  But if you’ve got to panhandle, let’s face it; Beverly Hills is the place to be.  It's rumored there's a waiting list to get in.  Sure, it’s where the snidest and most terrible rejections of all take place, but one nouveau riche kid can suddenly drop a franklin your way and the day is as good as gold.  Sometimes, they’ll even take you home with them, feed you a whole meal, give you a shower and offer you some new clothes.  Then they will inevitably try to convert you, change you, or fuck you.  


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A Murder In Beverly Hills

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